Sunday, December 9, 2012


  •  Listening to Dave Brubeck, with gratitude for the many times he came to Berklee and we were able to hear him, watch him, and learn from this humble, funny, gracious genius
  • Chopping and stacking lots, and lots of wood, and realizing that it goes so much quicker when we all work together
  • Giggling at Mabel the hen as she sits upon our recently stacked woodpile outside our dining room, and gets a sneak peek at dinner
  •  Enjoying a nature walk at a favorite trail
  • Remembering the simple joy of making playdough, and letting the boys help themselves to the "cool" kitchen tools
  • Hoping all the sniffles & coughing will end soon, and good sleep will return to the homestead
  • Wishing you a wonderful week ahead...

Joining in with the lovely Amanda  & Dawn Suzette once again


  1. Your hen is too funny. It has been wonderful to get to know chickens and all the little quirky things they do!
    Hope you all get well soon!

  2. chickens are hilarious! lol and i love that photo of the play dough being squish out of that pasta maker (?) likes like crazy noodles. :)

  3. looks like a great weekend! hope the sniffles are well on their way out the door :)

  4. Sniffles, not fun, hope they find their way to the door soon. Love the shot of your chicken on the wood pile, too funny.

    Enjoy your week.

  5. happy holidays to you guys!! enjoy it all!! much love. pennie

  6. Hey, lady! It's been a month! Time to blog again! Oh, and your smiling face is on MY blog post today. :)


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